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DIG’s Message


       The Centralised Training Centre Srinagar is committed for the upgradation of its trainee through Basic training, Promotional Courses and through Professional courses.  Our main aim is to endeavor to meet the challenges by increasing various skills, technology and knowledge.  We are encouraging to share their (trainee) skills and experience for the benefit of all trainees.  We are also encouraging trainees to go out of routine training boundaries while putting ideas, concepts and techniques to be adopt on ground.


       It my honour to be at prestigious CTC Srinagar Garhwal which  is committed to achieve new milestones.  The combined Team of trainer and trainees will certainly achieve the assigned jobs in a perfect manner.





History of SSB location at Srinagar is with the raising of SSB in 1963. Formally this place was occupied in 1964 with raising of one of the Battalion of SSB. Later on it was named as Group Centre Srinagar Garhwal up to August, 2004. Since then the present location was converted into SSB Academy Srinagar and remained up to 31st May, 2017.  Formally this CTC Srinagar  started from 1st June, 2017. Though 1st course under CTC Srinagar started from 15th May, 2017.  This CTC has been assigned various Basic Training,  In-Service courses and Professional Thematic Courses for  upgradation of    Sub-ordinates Officers and Jawans of the Force. Through BPR&D, other CAPFs & State Police are also sending their personnel to upgrade their skills on various subjects.   

 Campus-      CTC Srinagar Garhwal consist four campuses as:-

1)    CTC Srinagar Garhwal                                   : Area 58.53 Acres         

2)     Pauri Campus , 38 Km from Srinagar             : Area 9.32 Acres

3)     Firing Range, Srinagar                                    : Area 22.28 Acres       

4)    Gairsain Campus, 125 km from Srinagar        : Area 6.00 Acres


 Location of CTC Srinagar Garhwal:-

1)    From Rishikesh              : 105 Km            

2)    From Badrinath             : 184 Km

3)    From Dist HQ Pauri      : 30 Km

4)    From Tehri Dam            : 64 Km


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