Ranikhet Frontier

Career Profile of I.G. Ranikhet  
Shri Shyam Singh, I.G. joined SSB as Assistant Commandant on 26/11/1984, by topping the merit list.  He has served in various capacities in SSB and remained posted in most difficult and sensitive areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Bihar, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir during his service career. His contributions towards the organization remained exemplary and appreciable. Without caring of his own comforts, the officer remained volunteer to serve under any adverse conditions for the honor of the Organization and never opted for any soft posting. Shri Shyam Singh, I.G. is professionally sound and is qualified in different training courses as required for any Force.  
During his posting in Barauni as Comdt. in 2006-07, the newly raised Training Centre of Barauni was established in time by the dedicated and vigorous efforts of the officer and it earned a good name and fame of the Organization.  
In August, 2008, during the floods in District Supaul and Araria of Bihar under AoR of 18th and 19th Bns, the role played by the officer in supervising as well as executing the Rescue and Relief Work was highly appreciated by the then DG, SSB, State Administrations and Media Authorities.  
The officer got following promotions during his service career :-

  • Deputy Commandant     on 04/08/1993
  • Second-in-command     on 01/03/1999
  • Commandant         on 31/12/2002
  • Dy. Inspector General on 08/05/2007
  • Inspector General     on 22/09/2009

Shri Shyam Singh, I.G. also commanded Patna Frontier & the brief tenure of the officer as Inspector General, Patna Ftr w.e.f. 22.09.2009 to 26.03.2010 was full of achievements.  
The officer also remained posted in FHQ as Inspector General (Admn) w.e.f. 31.03.2010 to 25.10.2010 and played important roles in successful conduct of various activities including SSB welfare exhibition, etc. and the overall tenure of the officer at FHQ remained successful. 

Due to his capability and efficiency, Shri Shyam Singh, was assigned the challenging task of establishing newly sanctioned Frontier at Dehradun, which, the officer accomplished successfully and later, it was shifted to Ranikhet. Presently, Shri Shyam Singh is commanding Ranikhet Ftr very efficiently w.e.f. Feb. 2011 and has taken keen interest in enhancing the professional capability of the Force in the AoR of Ranikhet Frontier, by undertaking various adventurous and professional activities including “Trekking Expedition” in high altitude BOPs during winter season, established Disaster Management Training Centres separately for the hills as well as for flood situations which was found very fruitful during recent floods in Srinagar (J&K) and  Uttarakhand.  
To maintain peace and harmony with Nepal, number of activities were also undertaken in the border areas with APF Nepal jointly which include conduct of   “Bandhutav Rally” in the form of “Cycle Rally” with APF and locals of Nepal, covering a distance of 70 Kms in Nepal and 130 Kms in India. 
In similar way, “Half Marathan Race” was also jointly organised with APF, Nepal covering some portion in Nepal in which male & female participants from Nepal also participated in good number.   
During recent earthquake in Nepal, organised various activities in the form of “Blood Donations” & “Relief Work”, etc. and Nepal authority were given maximum possible help/assistance by SSB, Ranikhet Ftr during this natural calamity.  
Under his dynamic leadership, most challenging Expeditions in the form of “Rafting & Boating” was organised from Jauljivi (Uttarakhand) to Ganga Sagar (WB) which was successfully conducted with the Moto of  ^^LoPN ,oa lqn`<+ Hkkjr**      
Due to his hard efforts, dedication and well service records, the officer received IPM for distinguished service during 2010 and 02 Nos of DG’s appreciations were also received by the officer during 2013 & 2015, for making meticulous planning and foolproof arrangements for visit of the then Hon’ble Union Home Minister in Sitarganj (UK) and also for providing all necessary help and assistance to the victims of devastating earthquake struck in Nepal during April, 2015.  


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