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Tezpur Frontier



Consequent upon reporting back at FHQ New Delhi after serving the United Nations for a stint of three years, I was a bit surprised to receive my transfer orders for Tezpur once again. The nostalgic feelings of seven years back started hounding me and somehow made me realise that my earlier tenure in Tezpur had just ended yesterday and therefore without any question, I joined the Frontier as IG on 27 March 2017 as a second home coming.

Well aware of the working culture, ethos and environment of the Frontier, I have the sense that the work force of the Frontier too is acquainted with the same. It’s my proud privilege to get this golden opportunity to lead this new Frontier. I call upon all of you to join me in taking the frontier on the path of progress to come at par with the others. The Frontier, still being in the inception stage, needs your support and assistance in shaping a way forward.

SSB, over the years has come a long way from the inception as a People’s Organisation to a professional Border Guarding Force. The evolution has changed the priorities in the organisation and a true workmanship, team spirit, dedication, hard work and professionalism are the need of the hour to move forward. I strongly believe that if all of us use all our three Hs i.e. Head, Heart and Hands judiciously, we shall deliver. I urge you to ponder on this and you will see the difference.

With the motto of Service Security Brotherhood, we remain committed to serve the people of our great nation in many forms. Cleanliness and the Gender Streaming are the two issues that come to my mind for according priorities in our day to day life. These campaigns even being at the forefront at the government level, do need the attention of one and all for their success .As a citizen, let alone, the member of the Force, it’s our duty to serve the people, as per the mandate given to the Force.

While extending my greetings and best wishes to all of you and your dear ones, I look forward to work closely with all your support and cooperation.

Jai Hind.


(PSS Negi)

Inspector General


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