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Intelligence Training School, Ghitorni, New Delhi is located inside the premises of 25th Bn, SSB, Ghitorni, New Delhi.

ITS, Ghitorni imparts training on Intelligence tradecraft and related subjects to SSB officers and other ranks.

Background of the school

SSB started its intelligence training in FAOTC, Mahabaleshwar by the approval of the President of India conveyed vide Dy Secretary to the Govt of India, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, New Delhi letter No.EA/SE-77/55 dated 14.09.1965 in the formative years of SSB in 1965. The FAOTC got shifted from Mahabaleshwar to newly established Frontier Academy at Gwaldam (Distt Chamoli in Uttarakhand) during the year 1970-71. At Gwaldam, the intelligence training was imparted by Intelligence Wing mainly to NGOs and volunteers.

The 1st Intelligence Course at FA Gwaldam commenced on 1st February 1970. As many as 253 Int. Initial Courses and 69 Int. Refresher Courses were held at the FA Gwaldam up to July 2003 till it’s shifting to Kolkata. A total of 8152 and 1920 trainees respectively were trained in these courses. The participants in all these courses were NGOs and no course for GOs was held at FA Gwaldam during this period barring one ‘Special Intelligence Course’ held for the officers.

As per the orders of MHA, the Intelligence Wing was shifted from FA Gwaldam to Kolkata in the month of July 2003, where the institution was named as ‘Training Centre, Kolkata’. 06 (Six) numbers of Intelligence Initial and 04 (four) numbers of Intelligence Refresher Courses were conducted at TC Kolkata. Besides the above courses, 04(four) Orientation Courses for SFAs(M)/(V)/(H) and a workshop on narcotics was also held there. The participants were again the NGOs.

The Intelligence Training Centre was once again shifted from Kolkata to New Delhi  in 2005  as per the direction of Force Hqrs/MHA.

On shifting from Kolkata in January 2005 the Intelligence Training Centre was re-christened as ‘G’ School SSB and was kept under the direct control of the Inspector General(O&I), Force Hqrs. The 1st Intelligence Initial Course at ‘G’ School started on 04.04.2005 at its new location Ghitorni, New Delhi.

Further, on 19th August 2008, ‘G’ School was renamed as ‘Intelligence Training School’ as per the orders of Force Hqrs.

Presently the ITS is under administrative control of Trg Dte, FHQ, SSB. The ITS, Ghitorni  has trained 532  GOs and 1,351 other ranks since 2005.

Infrastructure available


  1. Hostel – ITS has 06 rooms fitted with ACs & attached bathroom-cum-toilets and 04 rooms fitted with coolers and 03 community toilets with bathrooms.
  2. Trainees Mess – ITS has one trainees\\\' dining hall which is sufficient for dining of 25 trainees at a time. However, separate dining halls for Officers, SOs & ORs are not available.
  3. Sports/Games facilities - Indoor games facilities are available like badminton,  table tennis, carom and chess etc.
  4. Library - ITS has a full-fledged library with approximately 2000 books on intelligence, Terrorism, LWE, North East insurgency and Kasmir problem etc.
  5. Computer Lab - ITS has one computer lab with broadband and Wi-Fi internet connection.
  6. Model Room - ITS has one model room with various electronic /technical/surveillance gadgets.
  7. Lecture Hall - The school has one lecture hall fitted with latest training aids. Total 25 trainees are accommodated comfortably.
  8. Conference Hall - There is one conference hall with a seating capacity of 25 persons. It is also fitted with multi-media projector and microphones.


The courses are designed for SSB officers/other ranks. The training calendar for 2015-16 is available on this site only. However following courses for other agencies were successfully  run in the ITS in the past.


Name of the course


Number of courses

Intelligence Collection & Analysis

Nepal Armed Police Force


Intelligence & Security

Nepal Armed Police Force


Perception Management



Intelligence, Agent & Perception Management



Workshop on Gender Sensitization



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