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Achievements of Special Service Bureau


SSB employed unique methodologies to connect with the border population in order to empower them. It’s achievements before 2001 were more qualitative than quantitative:

·   SSB followed the dictum of ‘recruit locally, train locally and deploy locally.’

·       A ‘DGS Study Group’ was started in which Officers from SSB, SFF and ARC presented scholarly domain knowledge papers on professional interest of the Force. A hundred Study papers were presented. Through these papers and brainstorming sessions the Forces evolved robust strategies.

In all, SSB trained 57.66 lakh border villagers in civil defence which included 18.60 lakh women at the Village Level Training programmes. They were in readiness to launch resistance operations, in an exigency.

Nearly a thousand Operational Groups were always ready for stay behind role at short notice.

              SSB’s High Altitude Training School was founded by Everester, Shri HCS Rawat. The institute trained thousands of personnel from almost all the forces including, Indian army, R&AW, IB, State Police and Central Police. Our mountaineers scaled 250 peaks in organizational or joint mountaineering expeditions within and outside the country and participated in several high altitude operations too. 

     By 1998, eighty SSB Medical Officers and 819 Para Medical Staff were treating an average of 16 lakh patients, every year. They also responded during manmade disasters and natural disasters in a commensurate manner.

·                SSB was the first force to take on empowerment and emancipation of women (1966) and to deploy women on Border Guarding duties (June 2008) after becoming a Border Guarding Force.

    SSB played a prominent role in the Indo-Pak War in 1965, in East Pakistan Operations in 1971 by also raising the Mukti Bahini Fauj and against Pakistan in the Kargil operations.

·                We participated or were deployed in important Operations including, in Sri Lanka.

·               SSB also guarded high value and strategic installations and conducted onerous internal security duties in several states including, in Punjab (until 1996) and in Assam (including oil installations from 1980-83). We also guarded IB Check Posts, ARC and R&AW establishments in remote and isolated high altitude border areas.

    More than 5000 SSB Volunteers joined the ranks of CRPF, BSF and State Police, as they were highly trained. 200 odd women have been recruited to CRPF when they started the Mahila Battalion. Amongst our illustrious volunteers are Shri Gegong Apang (former CM of Arunachal Pradesh) and Everester Ms Bachendri Pal.

·               The VVF was instrumental in the surrender of 654 hostiles, apprehension of 261 insurgents, neutralization of 44 hostiles and recovery of considerable quantity of arms and ammunition and other stores.

Twenty nine SSB Veterinary doctors and 211 Para-Vetys were annually treating five lakh livestock’s and birds in far-flung border villages. From 1989-96, SSB treated 57.96 lakh livestock’s and vaccinated 1.72 lakh animals.


SSB performed Rescue and Relief works from the worst West Bengal Floods in 1968 onwards in most tsunamis, floods, tornados, earthquakes and pest invasions.  During the 1971War, SSB performed a sterling role in J&K and all around East Pakistan on the battle front during the War.  It also helped the state administration in the management of East Pakistan refugees who came in millions.

·         SSB conducted 166 Publicity Campaigns annually (1998), to educate people on various social evils, national security matters, environment and self help matters.

After Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi saw the robust grass root relationship of SSB with the border population he expressed the confidence that the last rupee would be best utilized if the Government of India Welfare programmes were dovetailed through SSB in the frontier areas. Hence, spontaneously he advised the Cabinet Secretary in 1986, to order the Secretaries’ of various Ministries to do the needful. Accordingly, SSB became the Nodal agency for implementing a dozen Ministries works. By 1998, SSB diligently implemented 3800 odd civic action programmes which included micro-infrastructure projects and distribution of effects to the tune of Rs 4.00 crores in remote border villages.


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