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The aims and objectives for which the societies are established are as under:-


a)     To generate a sense of accomplishment in the minds of SSB wives and develop managerial skills in them.

b)    To Promote programmes for rehabilitation of Widows, handicapped and mentally retarded children, handicapped SSB personnel and their families.

c)     To pursue programmes to facilitate development of academic/ vocational skills, training for the families of serving and retired SSB personnel and people of neighborhood community at the location of SSB.

d)    To work in co-operation with other organizations and departments of various Ministries like Ministry of Human Resources Development etc. having similar objectives (being at all times financially independent of such organizations) and to obtain financial assistance through such Associations.

e)     To raise funds for various welfare schemes affecting the well being of SSB families, widows, handicapped and mentally retarded children and disabled personnel & families of retired personnel.

f)      To organize cultural and sports activities.

g)  To invest and deal with the funds of the Associations as deemed fit to meet the overall aims and objectives of the Association.




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